5 Signs You Need an Enterprise Plan

When you’re managing large-scale groups, schedules, and events, it’s essential to be able to efficiently organize and communicate. SignUpGenius offers a powerful platform to streamline your processes - whether you're coordinating events, managing volunteers, or scheduling appointments. 

As your your organization expands, you may find that the features of a standard plan no longer suffice. This is where SignUpGenius’ Enterprise Plan rises to the occasion, offering more features to meet the demands of larger teams and organizations.   

Are you looking for the next level of sign ups, but aren't quite ready to take the leap? Get to know five signs that indicate it might be time for your team to consider a custom Enterprise Plan.  

1. It’s important for your sign ups to reflect your brand

For any growing organization, branding is everything. Consistent branding not only fosters trust and credibility but also reinforces your organization’s identity.  

 With the Enterprise Plan, you have the ability to remove SignUpGenius branding entirely. All SignUpGenius logos and banners will be removed from your page so you can give your sign ups the look and feel of your organization or event.   

Now you can match your organization’s branding by customizing the sign-ups’ look and feel. Add your own logo and images, customize the sign up colors and choose from several layout options. 

This level of customization allows you to create a professional and cohesive experience for your users, reinforcing your brand at every touchpoint. 

2. You need a centralized hub for your sign ups

First impressions matter — especially when it comes to online interactions. A custom portal page tailored to your organization’s needs can significantly streamline the sign up process, providing a centralized hub where participants can access all your opportunities effortlessly. 

Portal pages serve as a home page for your sign up, making it easy to display and share sign ups through one link. You can curate sign ups into customized groups or sections on your portal page, incorporate essential documents or an email subscription form, and even personalize the page's URL. 

When you're organizing multiple events, a custom portal page ensures that users can navigate your sign ups with ease, enhancing engagement and participation. 

3. Your team wants the peace of mind of ongoing support

As your organization grows, so do the complexities of managing your SignUpGenius account. From technical inquiries to strategic guidance, having a dedicated account manager can make all the difference in maximizing the value of your subscription.  

Using an Enterprise Plan means that you and your team gain access to a dedicated account manager who serves as your primary point of contact for all inquiries and assistance. The SignUpGenius Support team is run by a passionate team eager to help you build and manage your sign ups with ease.  

Whether you need help choosing the right sign up settings or want a training session for your team, your dedicated account manager is there to provide expert support every step of the way. 

4. Sign ups need to be seamlessly integrated into your website 

The fewer clicks needed for your participants to sign up, the better. Embedding sign ups directly onto your website provides a simple user experience and reinforces your brand presence, whether you're promoting events, recruiting volunteers, or scheduling appointments. 

By upgrading to Enterprise, you can embed your sign ups by simply pasting an embeddable code snippet into your site’s source code. This means your participants never have to leave your website to sign up. It also saves your organization a significant amount of time and money by providing an experience that works as an extension of your website instead of having to develop your own custom app. 

When you embed sign ups on your website, you can reach your audience where they already are, giving you an easy way to drive participation, engagement, and efficiency. 

5. You want to eliminate ads from sign ups

Advertisements can be distracting and detract from the user experience. Our Enterprise Plans include unlimited ad-free sign ups, so your sign ups remain clean, professional, and ad-free.  

Whether you're coordinating large-scale events or managing ongoing volunteer opportunities, this feature helps ensure that your sign ups command the attention they deserve. 

Upgrade to a SignUpGenius Enterprise Plan today! 

As your organization evolves and your needs change, an Enterprise Plan provides the advanced features and functionalities you need to elevate your organization’s success. Don't let limitations hold you back — unlock the full potential of your SignUpGenius account by upgrading to an Enterprise Plan now.