10 Ways to Celebrate Leap Day at School

A Leap Year adds a bonus day to the end of February every four years, giving us more time to accomplish our goals, spend time with our favorite people and learn more about the world around us. A Leap Day celebration is a fun way to engage students and explore ways to jump into learning.

Try some of these ideas to make Leap Day memories at school and help students aim high all year long.

  1. Bonus Time Ask students to imagine all the things they could do with an extra day, from reading and writing stories to playing outside with friends and pets.
  1. Leap Day Quiz Organize a trivia challenge, testing students' knowledge about historical events, traditions and scientific facts related to this unique day.
  1. New Heights Encourage physical activity with a "Leap-a-thon" where students participate in various activities where they jump, bounce or skip.
  1. Get Creative Host a Leap Day themed classroom decoration contest, fostering creativity and teamwork among students. An art “show and tell” is another great option for students to express their Leap Day inspiration and share their work with the class.
  1. Learn Together Plan a special Leap Day assembly featuring guest speakers or presentations on the significance of leap years and the extra day in our calendar.
  1. Fun with Numbers Incorporate leap-themed math problems into the day's lessons, making learning fun and relevant to the occasion.
  1. Level UpReading Facilitate a "Leap Through Literature" session, where students can share their favorite books or poems related to jumping, leaping, or personal growth.
  1. STEMSession Arrange a Leap Day science experiment, exploring physics concepts like gravity and motion through fun, hands-on activities.
  1. Go Global Celebrate diversity with a "Leap Around the World" showcase, where students share traditions, customs, and leap year celebrations from different cultures.
  1. Time in a Bottle Conclude the day with a Leap Day time capsule activity, encouraging students to reflect on their growth and set goals for the next leap year.
Get inspired to leap into March with a special day for students and the school community, setting you up for a successful spring!