How Sign Ups Help Manage Elections and Political Races

It takes many people working together to put democracy into action during election season. Sign ups help simplify organizing for elections and political events, from coordinating poll workers to managing campaign volunteers. Save time with smart features that streamline communication and administrative tasks, so you can focus on making an impact.  

See how sign ups help groups such as county governments, political campaigns and more. 

Organize political campaigns  

Powering a grassroots campaign involves engaged citizens and community leaders donating their time to share and advocate for the candidate’s message. Whether it’s preparing mailers or knocking on doors to speak to voters, signs up help recruit supporters to volunteer their time throughout the race. You can send out the sign up to your email list through our site and share the link on social media and in digital communications like newsletters. 

You can also create a custom QR code to promote your sign up on marketing materials at in-person events.  

Selling tickets and accepting donations for fundraising events? It’s easy to add payment slots to your sign up so supporters can register and pay on one platform. 

Coordinate voter registration efforts 

Voter registration groups are busy engaging with the community during an election year, educating people on the importance of casting their ballot. Sign ups help coordinate volunteers whether you’re hosting a voter registration event or dispatching teams to different locations. With the multi-administrator feature, you can share organizing responsibilities with other group members, assigning people different levels of permission depending on their role. 

Once you decide who’s in charge of what, select a custom theme to make your sign up stand out. Choose from one of hundreds of sign up designs or create your own with our custom sign up builder 

Manage election volunteers 

It’s a big task to coordinate poll volunteers to cover shifts from early voting through election day. Sign ups simplify recruiting and scheduling, so you have more time to support your team and respond to last-minute needs. You can set up a schedule by automatically creating timeslots with recurring shifts and request specific roles and quantities. 

Make it easy for volunteers to take care of paperwork in advance by creating a custom confirmation email with attached documents. You can also set up reminder emails to send a few days before the event.  

Want to keep the names of volunteers confidential? Our premium plans include the option to hide the names of participants on your sign up. 

Schedule poll workers and organize trainings 

As election day nears, it’s crucial to have your team ready to welcome voters and ensure the process goes smoothly. Sign ups offer an easy way to set up registration for training sessions, so volunteers will be ready to assist people when the polls open. 

Displaying your sign ups together makes it easy for people to view all your events. Our premium plans include access to the tabbing feature so you can link your sign ups together. If you want to create a custom landing page for centralize your sign ups in one location, think about setting up a portal page. With our Enterprise plan, you can create this custom landing page to serve as an online hub for your sign ups. 

Sign ups help coordinate volunteers, accept donations, and engage more people to help with your cause. You’ll take the stress out of organizing election events, so you have more time to work towards a better future. 

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